Hot-Cutting Processes:

CO² Laser Cutting/Beveling & Marking System Mazak Spacegear 510
• Precision Shape Cutting for Plate & Pipe
• Capacity: 5-ft. wide by 10-ft. long
• 4,000 Watt Carbon Dioxide Laser
• 3-Dimension cutting, 6 axis
• MAZAK/FANUC L-64 Precision CNC controls

Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Cutting/Beveling and Marking System
Kioke Versagraph Millennium X Model 3100 with Hypertherm Edge-Pro CNC

• Plate size capacity: 144-in. wide by 624-in. long, and cuts
up to 3-in. thick
• 3-D LT Bevel unit with Hypertherm HPR400XD Plasma system and Koike HD Sensor-THC Height Control

Cold-Cutting Processes:

Water-Jet Plate/Material Cutting & Marking System
A superior shape-cutting solution for
heat-sensitive materials

• Plate size capacity: 144-in. wide by 360-in. long
• Cuts: tool steel 5.5-in. thick
aluminum 10-in. thick
• 4 Cutting heads increase productivity
• Cleveland Machine Controls – Burny 10 LCD
shape cutting & motion control station

Automated Band-Saw Systems [2] Marvel High-Speed TouchTech 60
• Automatic Indexing
• Cuts:
  20-in. stock at zero degrees
  17-in. at 45 degrees
  11.25-in. at 60 degrees.
• CNC digital touch-screen controls with
memory for repeat projects