Welding Equipment
• 87 Welding Stations Capable of:
  Pulse MIG
  Pulse TIG

• TIG Welding Stations [12]

• Sub-Arc Seam-Welding Stations [3]

• Sub-Arc Welding Manipulator – 1000-AMP
12-ft. H x 15-ft. Reach x 34-ft Rail

• Robotics Sub-Arc Welder – 1000-AMP
AC/DC Power Wave SAW

Metal-Forming Equipment

Press-Brake – 600-Ton Cincinnati hydraulic

Press-Brake – 200-Ton Standard hydraulic

AccurPress Press-Brake – 150-Ton with
CNC precision, 6-axis, 12-ft. bed

Plate Rollers [5] ranging from 3/16-in. x 5-ft .
up to 2-3/4 in. x 10-ft.

Iron workers up to 90-ton

Plate Shear
 3/8-in. x 12-ft.

Layout/Fit Stations [10 ] in sizes
up to 11-ft .x 45-ft.

Miscellaneous tube bending, threading,
punching, and beveling equipment

American Welding Society
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
certified welders
AWS Certified Welding Inspector
ASME Boiler/Pressure Vessel code stamps: S, U, PP, and R
ISO 9001:2008 Certified