Custom-engineered T-shaped car-bottomed

75-ft. deep, High-Temperature
Heat-Treat & Stress-Relief Furnace

15-ft. wide x 15-ft. long x 10-ft. high T-head section
and a 10-ft. x 10-ft. x 75-ft. overall table size.

Natural gas-fired furnace with
38 burners providing up to 28.5 million BTU’s of
computer-balanced heating capacity.

  • Up to 1850 degrees F. of computer-balanced heating
  • Unlimited Time & Temperature Ramp-ups,
    Soak, and Ramp-down protocols
  • Charting and documentation capabilities
    up to 42 thermocouples.
  • 5 to 18 zones of optional controls
  • Pulse-fired technology with ON/OFF
    or HIGH/LOW Firing Capability
  • Four Control Modes:
    1. High temperature with on-ratio
      to excess air
    2. Low temperature with excess air
    3. Controlled cooling
    4. Rapid air-cooling
  • Hearth-level flues to enhance
    temperature uniformity
  • 38 natural-gas burners provide up to
    28.5 million BTU’s of computer-balanced

EEW does not offer engineering or metallurgical services, but is an established ISO 9001:2015-certified operation fully prepared
to meet your most stringent specifications for documented furnace time, temperature, and program cycle requirements.